Developing Leadership Podcast

Follow Jason Warner (MD at Redpoint Ventures and former GitHub CTO) and Eiso Kant (Founder of Athenian) as they chat about the biggest lessons they've learned about Engineering Leadership throughout the years.

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Episode 2 | The Growing Pains of Company Culture

How do we make sure that we are deliberate about the culture of our organization and not find ourselves pushing for outcomes without care of how we achieve them?

Jason and Eiso go through the building blocks of positive company culture and explore how companies and leaders can adapt as their teams grow from two people in a garage to thousands of employees. From setting priorities to communicating effectively to operating in first-team mode, there are countless ways engineering leaders can make a difference for their companies. We explore them in this episode of Developing Leadership.

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Episode 1 | A Changing Engineering Landscape

In the first episode of Developing Leadership, Jason and Eiso talk about how the roles and perceptions of engineers and engineering leaders have changed over the decades. From the catastrophic offshoring trend of the early 2000s to the golden age of development, the tools, the processes and the culture shifts.

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